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Terms and Conditions

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc., in return for payment by the participant of the specified amount as the tour price, agrees to provide the elements of the tour. Payment for any monies for a reservation on a tour or trip shall constitute acceptance and consent to all provisions of the Terms and Conditions. These provisions are hereby incorporated by reference of this Disclosure Notice, and passengers are advised to take note of them.

Tour Price: The tour price stated on this confirmation includes all applicable destination lodging taxes, as well as the package elements as described in tour inclusions. Any tips, gratuities, or other items not specifically mentioned as included are at the discretion of the tour participant. Our travel counselors will verify the exact tour cost and your payment of the deposit will reflect your acceptance. The prices are subject to change according to unforeseen price increases.

Ski Reservations and Payments: A deposit of $300 per person is required at the time of booking or within seven (7) days of making a reservation. Additional payments may be required for airfare or non-ski packages. Some resorts/properties have higher deposit requirements - you will be advised at the time of booking of the required amount. Upon receipt of deposit, confirmation of receipt as well as an outline of your costs will be forwarded to you. No reservation or contract shall exist between Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. and the client until (1) Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. has received a deposit, and (2) Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. has signified acceptance by issuing a written confirmation to the tour participants.

Final payment is due 60 days or more prior to departure. We request that you please adhere to the final payment due date. We may cancel any reservation that is not paid per the required schedule and a late/reinstatement fee of $50.00 per reservation will be charged to rebook the reservation. A service charge of $50.00 will be charged for any returned checks.

Changes and Late Bookings: Changes from the initial itinerary or tour package may increase the cost for the participants. Any change in the reservation after your deposit has been received will be charged a $50.00 change fee. If booked within 60 days of travel, full payment is due immediately. Within 30 days, a late booking fee of $50.00 per reservation plus expenses, such as express delivery, will be required with final payment.

Cancellation Policy: Travel is a perishable product which often cannot be resold. For this reason some penalties and restrictions apply with your vacation investment. if you cancel your reservation, YOUR RIGHT TO RECEIVE A REFUND IS LIMITED, as set forth in the following schedule. Receipt of written notice in our office establishes cancellation date.

Cancellation charges are comprised of several separate fees that added together total your full cancellation cost: Air(charter or scheduled service)fees, Lodging fees, Daman-Nelson Travel fees, and any other providers of various services, including telegram and telephone expenses.
1) AIR FLIGHT FEES: Cancellation penalties are assessed as per airline and Daman-Nelson policy. In most cases, non-refundable airline tickets are charged separately by the airlines and can be reissued at a later date for a fee (typically $100 per ticket).
2) LODGING charges apply as per individual property used.
3) DAMAN-NELSON TRAVEL: If cancelled prior to 60 days before departure, $50.00 per person is charged. Within 60 days of departure, $75.00 per person is charged.
4) Other providers of services on cancellations made within 60 days of departure may apply to individual reservations.
Refund requests must be submitted in writing no later than 15 days after the return date. Late requests will not be honored. Refunds will be limited and result in penalties for deviations made during travel.

No refunds will be made on unused or partially used services. The tour participant's failure to make payments under this agreement or the tour participant's breach of this agreement shall be considered a cancellation by the tour participant's as of the date of such failure or breach.

Deposits and/or Final Payment refunds from ski areas are ALWAYS SLOW. Do not be surprised if you wait several months for a deposit to be refunded. Rest assured that we continually check and re-check all outstanding refunds. Daman-Nelson cannot refund your payment until they are received from all vendors. Daman-Nelson places the deposits and payments with the vendors AT YOUR REQUEST, and will be refunded when received.

Insurance: Travel insurance is HIGHLY recommended. If you wish to purchase travel insurance, please contact your agent and theycan add insurance to your package. Daman-Nelson Travel highly recommends that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. The cost is minimal compared to the rest of your vacation.

Responsibilities: Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. (Agent) gives notice that all tickets, vouchers and coupons issued by Agent and all arrangements for transportation and conveyance of for sightseeing services or any other service made by Agent are made by Agent as dual Agent for the passenger and for the suppliers, hotels or other suppliers, upon the express condition that Agent is not liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reasons of defect in any vehicle or through the act or default of any company or person that is engaged in conveying the passenger, furnishing rental cars to him, furnishing sightseeing services to him, or that participates in carrying out the arrangements of the tour or otherwise in connection therewith, or any hotel or lodging or employee of said hotel and lodging.

The issuance and acceptance of tickets or vouchers shall be deemed to be consent to these conditions. The tour operator is not responsible for airline tickets lost in the mail. If a client loses an airline ticket, a new ticket must be purchased at the current fare. A refund will be made if the lost ticket has not been used or returned for a refund within 12-14 months after departure date.

If the contract between Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. and the passenger, on the one hand, and/or the contract between Daman-Nelson Travel, Inc. and the designated carrier, on the other hand, is cancelled by Daman-Nelson Travel for any reason whatsoever, all partial or full payments made for the trip will be refunded, in their entirety, less a $50 processing fee, without further obligation on the part of Daman-Nelson Travel.

The right is reserved to substitute hotels for other hotels of similar category or change schedules without prior notice should the circumstances so demand. In the event of a change in the itinerary necessitated by factors or conditions beyond the actual control of Daman-Nelson Travel, no refund can be made nor will credit be allowed, provided that in the event of such change in itinerary, Daman-Nelson Travel shall provide accommodations and services of comparable quality and standards as set forth in the brochure. Any such change shall not modify the cancellation provisions.

All rates quoted listed above are based on current lodging property rates, local tax rates, and current carrier tariffs and current international exchange rates, and are subject to adjustment without prior notification. In the event of changes therein, or to correct for any typographical errors herein, and any increase resulting from such adjustment shall not modify the cancellation provisions listed above.

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